Out of nowhere, I want to go there again.
Handmade soba and tempura restaurant.

We don\'t cut corners. We keep concentrate. All for we want you to eat our Soba again.
If you want to eat Echizen soba made with buckwheat flour in Fukui Pref., please come to Sobadokoro Aoki.
Delicious freshly made and boiled soba and hot tempura will welcome you.

We have a wide variety of menus
including soba, udon, rice bowls, set meals, and a la carte items.

We are particular about every ingredient: buckwheat flour, soup, tempura...
We have a wide variety of menus in Aoki\'s taste.
We are looking forward to your visit.

Please enjoy the "Aoki’sTaste" in our restaurant
with a somewhat relaxing atmosphere.

We have counter seats where you can feel free to come alone,
and for families and groups, we have tables and Tatami rooms.